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Within the last month, I’ve acquired a new apartment and new job. ‘Why not also get a new boyfriend,’ I thought. So, after a long hiatus, I started dating again. “#DatingAround,” as I call it. I’ve never dated around before.... read more


I start the new job on Monday and, thankfully, my new office will be at Union Square — just a straight shot on the Q or the 5, both very near my apartment in Brooklyn. Until then, I’ve been suffering the nonsensical commute of a taking the Q or 5 into... read more


I’ve been living in Crown Heights for almost two weeks and here’s what I’ve observed thus far: There is an over abundance of churches on my block. Their church bells all ring at random times: 25 after, 18 til, and sometimes, if you’re lucky, on... read more


Oh, Miss New York. Sometimes, I hate you. The stench of urine on the hot-as-balls subway platform. The throngs of pedestrians who don’t walk on the right. The bad dates with good guys. The cost of a gallon of milk. The sleepless nights, and early mornings. The... read more


Yesterday, I packaged up a table linen swatch to mail to a client. I neatly addressed the envelope and got it stamped by the mail machine in the accounting office and, distracted, forgot to leave the envelope with the outgoing mail. I took it back upstairs to my... read more


Q: “Tyler, do I need to read your previous three books to know what’s going on in the new book?” A: Well, it’d certainly help. The books are serialized in the sense that each book covers a year of life, starting with 2005. It’s not absolutely... read more


I had a nice first date last week with a handsome thirty seven year old corporate trainer for a trendy hotel chain. We had dinner at a sidewalk cafe in Hell’s Kitchen and after, took a meandering stroll around the neighborhood and made out on a street corner... read more


A couple of years ago, I took a long, hard look in the mirror and I did not like what I saw. I was, by Weight Watchers’ definition, obese. I had Doritos crumbs on my shirt, chocolate smeared on my face and I smelled like chicken nuggets. I couldn’t even... read more


Do you believe in magic? I never thought I did until I found myself in the second row of a very small and intimate magic show on a Saturday night. I sat in the dimly lit room and watched as the mysterious magician astounded the captive audience with card tricks and... read more


The older I get, the more settled I’d like to become but it seems the older I get, the faster things change. Everything is in constant flux. Madonna once sang that if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans. I thought the summer of 2014 was full of... read more