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Yesterday I wrote a status about my disdain for the sharing of fight videos on Facebook. Some gay dude left this comment:

“New age assholism is just another form of snobbery,  that’s stereotypical gay B.S.  Always touting what science can’t prove like it’s fact. And you btw, you are a little too old to be ranting hypocrisy when you post 3/4 nudes like some 20 something webcam brat.”

Dude has a problem with a few recently posted photos in which I am scantily clad and offering my best ‘come hither’ smirk. But we all have butts! What’s the big deal? It’s not like I’m bent over and spreading my cheeks so that you can see my pancreas (which, by the way, is such an under-appreciated organ, don’t you think?) 

This comment is loaded with homophobia, body-shaming, and ageism. For starters, I’m not sure why anyone would be offended with my speaking out against violence. That alone is baffling. And I’m a 43 year old sex-positive gay man. I do as I please, including parading around in a jock strap. My lack of clothing is not an indicator of lack of intelligence, spirituality, or morality. (By the way, this is just .0001% of the same bullshit that men give to women.)

I don’t know why, but when people tell me they think I’m being inappropriate, it makes me want to push their buttons even more. It stirs up a fiery desire within me to make them so uncomfortable that they completely lose their shit. So maybe I should go ahead and bend over and spread my cheeks and finally give my pancreas the glory that it truly deserves.