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We are a bunch of hypocrites. 

Either no one bothers to research anything or our attention spans only lasts ten seconds/140 characters. 

So many of us were outraged by Pepsi for that tone deaf Kendall Jenner commercial but then we love to watch Empire, a Pepsi-sponsored show that even features blatant Pepsi product placements. Speaking of Empire, people bashed Empire producer Lee Daniels for making racially ambiguous comments when discussing Star, his newest show, but, again, they still tuned in to Empire every week. I see anti-Trump Facebookers posting comments expressing their disdain for Trumplethinskin’s constant lies but these same people will turn around and share links from extreme left wing websites like Occupy Democrats and the Palmer Report –sites that are notorious for providing false information. So many of my black gay friends are singing praises for music artist SZA despite her 2011 homophobic tweet about black men. And people continue to shake their asses to songs by music artists Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, and Taylor Swift despite their continued silent voices when it comes to civil rights for marginalized groups. In the past week, Facebookers have spoken out against the murders of transgendered women of color but then they thanked God that Bill Cosby was handed a mistrial — even though he actually admitted to drugging women and raping them. And one Facebook friend wrote statuses expressing her anger and sadness over the not guilty verdict given to the Minnesota policeman who murdered Philando Castile, but then, less than 24 hours later, she posted a video of a brutal fight between two women in a Taco Bell parking because “it’s funny.” 

It’s not funny. 

None of this is.