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This Jesus-loving, Bible-thumping woman is obsessed with the LGTQ community.


Her Facebook page is filled with anti-gay post after anti-gay post. In all my life, I’ve never seen a woman more concerned about where I’m putting my dick.

Ironically, she mentions Jesus countless times but fails to display the same empathy, acceptance, and love that he so valiantly taught in the Bible. (You know, the Bible. That book humans wrote about a man who walked on water and came back to life after being dead just one day longer than Britney’s first marriage.) Ma’am, Jesus was a brown refugee and his best friends were gypsies, tramps, and thieves.

Sure, The Activist Mommy says she loves gay folks and wants to “save” us but, in many of her posts, behind the thin disguise of Christianity, she encourages hate by ridiculing the LGBT community. In typical holier-than-thou fashion, she often condescendingly refers to us as idiots, lunatics and demons. And she does it all with a schizophrenic peppering of passive aggressive emojis.

I just don’t understand why Christian folks stay up in other people’s business instead of focusing on themselves. Is it self hate? Is it a distraction tactic to hide what they’re really doing? It’s always religious zealots like The Activist Mommy who end up molesting children or getting caught doing gross things with fidget spinners and farm animals. Sis, dwell less on what I do with my booty hole and worry more about your kids, your marriage, and finding some non-clumping mascara.