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So many of my fellow white gays are OUTRAGED by the white supremacist terror attack in Charlottesville, yet we:

-were cry babies when Philly introduced a new gay pride flag with black and brown stripes.

-adamantly defended reBar, an NYC gay bar that has faced numerous allegations of racist door policies from PoC.

-think specifying “no rice, no spice, no chocolate” on their Grindr profile is just a preference.

-think HBO’s Confederate show is “an interesting idea.”

-voted third party or didn’t vote at all.

-will have sex with a Black man but won’t date a Black man.

-claim to possess an inner Black woman and see nothing wrong with spilling tea, throwing shade, using an arsenal of NeNe Leakes memes, and twerking our flat asses to Formation in the clubs.

-haven’t said one single peep about the 16 Black trans women who have been killed so far this year.

Fellas, we HAVE to do better. We’re at the point where being complicit/participatory in the micro-aggressions is just as bad as plowing your car into a crowd of peaceful protesters. There is no in between. We’re either in or out. Right or wrong. It’s time for us to stop riding the fence, step out of our comfort zones, and fucking stand for something.