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-That warm, fuzzy story about pilgrims and Native Americans happily sitting down together for a big, home cooked meal? Yeah, that never happened. At all.

-In the early 1600’s, Thanksgiving was not a yearly holiday. It originated as an occasional celebration white folks had whenever Native American’s were slaughtered en masse, even joyfully kicking the severed heads of slain Native Americans through the muddy streets like a football.

-President Abe Lincoln proclaimed Thanksgiving a national holiday in 1863. The same president who oversaw the Homestead Act and the Pacific Railway Act which stole land from Native Americans. The same president who oversaw the Dakota War, the Sand Creek Massacre, and the removal of Native Americans from the New Mexico Territory. I guess he forgot to include Native Americans in the Emancipation Proclamation. It was also Abe Lincoln who created the false scenario of pilgrims and Indians dining together in an attempt to manifest a sense of unity and white folks have been gobbling up the guilt-relieving fable for over a century and a half.

-This same time last year, Native Americans and their allies were peacefully protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline, which violated treaties to protect Native American land and sacred burial grounds. The crude oil pipeline also threatened to drastically corrode the quality of drinking water in Standing Rock. Those peaceful protesters were met with militarized police action that included attack dogs, rubber bullets, tear gas, and, ironically, water cannons. Not a lot of white folks seemed to notice or care. This past week, South Dakota suffered the third oil spill since the pipeline’s construction began, totaling 241,000 gallons of crude oil that has leaked.

-This week, President Grand Wizard Trumpster Dumpster kept the tradition of pardoning a Thanksgiving turkey. But if that dumb turkey (the actual turkey — not our turkey of a president) was attacked by a police dog, pelted with rubber bullets, or hosed down with a water cannon, all the right wing white folks in this country would get so. fucking. upset. These conservative, “Christian” nut jobs turn a blind eye to police brutality, Puerto Rico, pedophiles, and white men carrying guns or tiki torches, but they sure do throw a Trumper tantrum when an animal is harmed. (Side note: I wonder if TurkeyNeck Trumplethinskin is going to tweet about how ungrateful and disrespectful the pardoned turkey is.)

-Speaking of water, the good families of Flint, Michigan finally have water that passes federal cleanliness inspections but the water is still undrinkable because most of the pipes are tainted with lead and need to be replaced.

Happy Fucking Thanksgiving, y’all.