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I already know that my mom is very intuitive. When something goes wrong in my life, she can sense it. I don’t know how but she just knows. From 700 miles away, she’ll call me and immediately ask, “What’s wrong?” Even when I lie and tell... read more


Hey guys. Remember that awesome job that I was so thrilled to get? Remember how I wrote enthusiastic status updates about how utterly elated I was? Remember how I felt like things were finally going right for me? Well, I was fired on Thursday. I know, I know. If... read more


In New York, moving to a new neighborhood can often feel like moving to a completely new city. Sort of. There’s still bodegas and homeless people. There’s still the roar of the subway and an inescapable energy. Everything feels so different yet oddly... read more


Within the last month, I’ve acquired a new apartment and new job. ‘Why not also get a new boyfriend,’ I thought. So, after a long hiatus, I started dating again. “#DatingAround,” as I call it. I’ve never dated around before.... read more


I start the new job on Monday and, thankfully, my new office will be at Union Square — just a straight shot on the Q or the 5, both very near my apartment in Brooklyn. Until then, I’ve been suffering the nonsensical commute of a taking the Q or 5 into... read more


I’ve been living in Crown Heights for almost two weeks and here’s what I’ve observed thus far: There is an over abundance of churches on my block. Their church bells all ring at random times: 25 after, 18 til, and sometimes, if you’re lucky, on... read more


Oh, Miss New York. Sometimes, I hate you. The stench of urine on the hot-as-balls subway platform. The throngs of pedestrians who don’t walk on the right. The bad dates with good guys. The cost of a gallon of milk. The sleepless nights, and early mornings. The... read more


Yesterday, I packaged up a table linen swatch to mail to a client. I neatly addressed the envelope and got it stamped by the mail machine in the accounting office and, distracted, forgot to leave the envelope with the outgoing mail. I took it back upstairs to my... read more


Q: “Tyler, do I need to read your previous three books to know what’s going on in the new book?” A: Well, it’d certainly help. The books are serialized in the sense that each book covers a year of life, starting with 2005. It’s not absolutely... read more


I had a nice first date last week with a handsome thirty seven year old corporate trainer for a trendy hotel chain. We had dinner at a sidewalk cafe in Hell’s Kitchen and after, took a meandering stroll around the neighborhood and made out on a street corner... read more


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